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Lola Farms is a small farm located in Lake Butler, Florida.  Our operation consists of heritage breed livestock: pigs, dairy goats and chickens.  Our main focus is the preservation of the Gloucestershire Old Spot breed and producing pasture raised pork.  We have a small herd of Oberhasli dairy goats and a flock of laying hens.  Our vegetable and flower gardens are growing each year.  

Our Mission:
To help preserve the breed, Gloucestershire Old Spot, by producing premium quality pork, naturally grown and humanely raised on pasture, free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), antibiotics and hormones.

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We have had the honor of being part of the development of the Swine Medical Database recently founded by Jenny Blaney.  It has been her vision for over 20 years to develop a database dedicated to the health

Swine Medical Database

of pigs.  The mission of SMD is to collect, store and track medical data on swine through a searchable online database.  This repository of information serves as an educational tool for veterinarians, research groups, swine breeders and caregivers.  Information collected in SMD will facilitate medical management and enhance the promotion, preservation and health care of many swine breeds.

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  Please visit our website at:


Lola Farms and Gardens is named in honor of and dedicated to my grandmother, Lola Dekle.  She loved the outdoors and always had a successful and beautiful spring veggie garden.  I remember spending many Sunday afternoons at Granny’s after church shelling peas until your fingers ached, not to mention turned purple if you were shelling purple hulls!  I do miss those days.  Granny loved flowers!  Her flower beds were full of color and gorgeous.  She was constantly in the garden pulling weeds and tending to her flowers.  She kept a garden right up until she absolutely couldn’t do it anymore, well into her 80’s.  I feel her presence with me every time I am working in either the vegetable garden or the flower garden, so we felt it was fitting to name the farm in her honor.

Our farm sits on 16.5 acres in Lake Butler, Florida just north of Gainesville and west of Jacksonville.  We have chickens, pigs, goats, one mini horse and several dogs.  Maybe one day we will add a few cattle.  We also have a garden that seems to grow a little more as each year passes.  The pigs and goats enjoy their snacks from the garden and we are filling up our freezer of fresh veggies!  YUM..... 




On the Farm:
We are working hard to bring you more options of fresh farm products.  We are adding broiler chickens to the farm for 2019!
  The CSA is in full swing and dogs are loving our Kibble Dribble, a treat just for your pups! 

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Our pigs are doing great!  Our herd is growing, the piglets are beautiful and bring us joy every day.  We love nurturing and preserving these breeds by doing our small part of raising each one to the best of our ability.

Support Local Farmers:

There are many of us small farmers out there trying to make a sustainable living at raising food that people can be proud to buy and eat.  We put everything we have into our operations, believing whole-heartedly in raising animals with respect and appreciation.  We love to see them graze on pasture and enjoy being themselves, whether it is wallowing in the mud or lounging out under the trees on a hot day.  

Farmers do everything they can, to do right by the animal and also have a deep desire to provide you with food that you can feel good about consuming.  There is only one catch, we can’t do it without your support.  Without the customer purchasing the products that we work so hard to raise and make, our efforts become futile.  No matter where you are, there are farmers close to you.  Meet them, get to know them, visit their farms, get reconnected to where your food comes from and support them by purchasing their products.  This takes effort and some planning, but the pay off is worth it! 

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Contact us for a visit to the farm!

My husband and I were lucky enough to find this property and smart enough to buy it when we had the chance!  December 22, 2012 we were married down by the live oak trees.  The time and place was just right for us to join as one.  We love our time spent together walking the property and talking about all of our hopes and dreams we have for this little slice of heaven.

Shane grew up on a farm in Missouri and has longed to get back to that lifestyle.  Now that I have had the opportunity to experience this way of life, I thrive on it daily.  The farm animals are the best and offer a fulfillment that simply can’t be put into words.  Every day brings new adventures, some exciting and some not so much.  We have had our share of frustrations but even so, we hang on everyday believing in what we are doing and hoping for the best. 

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Contact Information

Shane and Kimberly Ruessler
352-665-7387 or
12438 W State Road 238, Lake Butler, Florida 32054

Farm Living..........

We have grown considerably since the beginning of our journey to farming.  Every morning is a new opportunity to learn and grow a little more.  This growth can be painful at times and strongly frustrating, but it is all part of the path we have chosen.  Belief in a what we are doing (or trying to do) is the strength of our determination.  It has not been an easy endeavor but the fulfillment we experience at times gives us the strength to push forward.

Our animals are raised with the utmost respect from the time they are born to the time they serve their purpose.  We care deeply for each and every one of them and are grateful for the sacrifice they will eventually make so the we can have food on our table.  We will ensure that they live the very best life possible as long as they are in our care.


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Precious Pigs.........
This is me with our first litter of very healthy GOS piglets in 2013.  I was smitten from the very beginning and there has been no turning back!

The more time we spend with them, the more we understand the beauty of these animals and why they warrent being saved.

CSA Shares Available!!
January-March 2019
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Come visit us at the Alachua Farmer’s Market.

Thursdays from 4pm-7pm

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