During the illness of one of our precious dogs, we had to cook for her towards the end to help keep her appetite going.  It really did her wonders for awhile until the illness took over her body.  Her coat was beautiful, her eyes were bright and we enjoyed the opportunity to give her special love as we knew our time with her was narrowing.

Through this, ideas started brewing about what more we could offer from our farm to help preserve rare livestock breeds that we have come to love so much, and at the same time, couple that passion with the passion we have for dogs?
So, this is where we are beginning.  Help us continue our efforts while treating your dogs to something really special.

Made from our non-gmo pasture raised pork and complimented with non-gmo and organic ingredients, you can feel good about offering this to your dog.
This is a topper for your dog’s kibble.  It is designed to add a little extra love, flavor and fun for your dog to enjoy.  So if you top your dog’s kibble with canned food sometimes, this would be a great substitute. 

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Each recipe includes ground neck bones and marrow for added nutrition.  The bones are cooked over a long period of time until they are soft enough to crush with your fingers, then ran through a meat grinder to ensure there are not sharp pieces in the mixes.  The bone broth from this process is used to cook the other ingredients to add flavor and other benefits.

We do not use any preservatives.  It is cooked fresh and stored in vacuum sealed bags in the freezer.

If you have a special request of ingredients, contact us at kimberly@lolafarms.com.  We will be happy to work with you.

Directions: Just dribble a few teaspoons (or more) on top of your pup’s kibble and watch their food disappear!

Ingredients that can be found in our recipes:
Ground pork, pork broth, ground neck bones, organic carrots, organic sweet potatoes, non-gmo peas, organic brown rice,
free ranged non-gmo eggs, flaxseed meal

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Kibble Dribble is available at the Alachua Farmers Market on Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm.  If you have a special request for ingredients, orders must be in on Sundays by 5:00.  A minimum order is required for special orders.  Contact us for more information.

Farm pickup is also available



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