Girls on hammock
Able Mable
Claire 1
Raisin 1
Hallida 2
Ruby 2

Ruby and Mable 2014 (our first little girls)

ADGA Registration ID:  AB1690091

“Able Mable”
ADGA Registration ID:  AB1694416

ADGA Registration ID:  A1532719  (French Alpine)

ADGA Registration ID:  AB1519882

ADGA Registration ID:  AB1589355

Registered Oberhasli Dairy Goats

We raise a small herd of Oberhasli’s for NON-GMO milk production.  Most of our production currently, goes back to the pigs.  We add the milk to the their diet for the last 30-60 days of finishing.  It helps to add the extra fat that we are looking for in our pigs and to the flavor of the pork.

Our herd grew this year!  We welcomed 7 goat kids to the farm.  Five of our girls gave us 4 doelings and 3 bucklings.  We are so excited!  As our milk production increases, we will be looking for different outlets for the product. 

PJ 1

“Patchwork Jenny (PJ)”
ADGA Registration ID:  AB1704390

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