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What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?
CSA is a way to buy locally grown produce and locally raised meats that mutually benefit the farmer and the consumer.  This allows you, the consumer, to purchase products at a discounted rate while assisting us with the costs of raising meat the way it should be raised.  It is a wonderful way to connect to the farmers that grow food for your family.

How does a CSA save me money?
When you choose to join, your membership automatically saves you 5-25% off markt value of our products.  The discount depends on the level of membership you choose.  for those budget conscious consumers, a CSA also helps you stick to a budget every month

How do I become a member?
To sign up, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  Please fill it out completely and you will be contacted within a few days.  You may also get your membership started by selecting a CSA share here.

Get to know your farmer
Try different cuts of meat and new recipes
Less storage space needed than buying a 1/4 or 1/2 hog share

How much does it cost?
We offer 3 options:

Bacon Bit Package:  5 lbs of pork  $47.50/month.  Good for 1 person or a couple that eats less meat.

Medium Package:  10 lbs of pork  $90/month.  Good for 2 people or a family that eats less meat.

Pork Lover Package:  15 lbs of pork  $127.50/month.  Good for a family of 3+.

Payment Options:
Pay monthly at no extra cost
Pay in Full

What comes in my package?
You can expect to get a mix of cuts that will vary each month.  The cuts can include:  pork chops, ground pork, sausage, shoulder steaks or roast, ham steaks or roast, bacon and cured ham steaks

Pickup Frequency:
Pickup once per month

Pickup Schedule:
Farm pickup the 3rd Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month  (you will be notified a week in advance of pickup dates)
Possum Creek Park: the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 1:00 pm
Alachua Farmer’s Market: the 3rd Thursday of every month between 4-7pm
Home deliveries:  the 3rd Wednesday of every month between 5-8pm   $15 fee

What happens if I cannot pickup your meat?
Let us know 1 week in advance and we will hold your package for you for 1 week.  You can also have a friend or relative pickup for you.  We can only hold your package for a week due to limited space.  So be sure to stay in contact with us.

Please contact us to check the availability of CSA shares prior to making your deposit.  Once you submit the membership form at the bottom of this page, we will contact you within 24 hours with more information.  Thank you for your interest in our CSA.




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