About the Pork

Shane and I have dedicated ourselves to raising healthy food for our family.  We believe it is important to know what goes into your food and how it was raised.  First and foremost, the animals must be raised respectfully and in a natural way.  Our animals have access to pasture at all times.  We interact with them daily and ensure that all of their basic needs are met.  They have shelter from the elements and wallows for cooling off in Florida’s hot and humid climate.  They are allowed to be pigs and enjoy life.

Secondly, we want to provide pork that is free of genetically modified organisms or GMO’s, antibiotics and growth enhancing drugs.  As more and more studies are done on the effects of gmo’s on our bodies and the environment, we believe it is only smart to stay away from these products as much as possible.  I encourage everyone to do your own research to help you determine what is best for you and your family.  This is our belief and we will work hard to provide you the opportunity to indulge in food you can feel good about eating.


Why Is Heritage Pork More Expensive?

I hear remarks about the cost of our pork and the cost, in general, of heritage pork compared to modern pork raised in a conventional manner.  “About the Pork” answers a few reasons why our pork is more expensive but there are other reasons, as well.  First, heritage pork is not ‘the other white meat’ nor should it be.  Heritage pork is deep red with beautiful fat marbling all through it.  When cooked, this fat melts, basting the pork in its own juices.  It has a rich succulent flavor that needs nothing more than salt and pepper to taste.  Eating this pork is an experience to be savored every time you sit down to dinner.

Second, it takes 8 to 12 months before our animals are ready to be processed.  This is a long time invest in an animal and care for it daily.  Hours upon hours go into every hog on the farm.

Lastly, feed costs are expensive.  We supplement our pigs with a NON-GMO feed by Hiland Naturals.  The cost of this feed is about double that of gmo based feeds.


Why Should I Buy Heritage Pork

1.  You are helping to preserve amazing breeds from extinction.
2.  You are supporting small local farmers that believe in what they are doing for the right reasons.
3.  You are NOT supporting practices that raise pigs in confinement!
4.  You are NOT supporting the use of farrowing crates for sows!

There is a cost to purchasing pork from the grocery store and that cost is at the animal’s expense.
It looks better to your pocket book, but it is a horrible life for any animal that will make the ultimate sacrifice for us to have
food on our table.

So, again, there are many reasons to purchase pork from local farmers.
Please contact farmers in your area to visit their farms and learn more about these amazing animals
and the practices that we should all live by: love, respect and commitment.



The treatment our animals receive once they are out of our care, is critically important to us.  We strive to keep their stress levels at a minimum.  This concern is always evaluated when using a processor for the first time. 

We us Mobley’s Custom Cuts in McAlpin, Florida for all of our processing needs.  Our pork is processed and packaged under
USDA inspection.



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