About Our Farm

Lola Farms is located in Lake Butler, Florida.  Our main focus is raising rare heritage pigs.  Our herd is made up of mostly Gloucestershire Old Spots with a couple of Red Wattle sows and Meishans.  We have a small herd of Oberhasli dairy goats, one Jersey/Holstein cow and heritage breed laying hens.  We also raise broiler chickens and turkeys to offer more variety for our customers.    

All of our animals are raised on pasture and supplemented with a NON-GMO feed.  We spend 10 to 12 months raising our hogs to processing size.  They are interacted with daily and live very happy lives. 


Lola Farms is named in memory of my grandmother, Lola Dekle.  When we first moved to  this property, I felt her presence with me while tinkering in the gardens (and still do).  She always had wonderful vegetable and beautiful flower gardens.  You could always find her outside with her hands in the dirt working away.  She did this for as long as she physically could, which was well into her 80's.  These memories make me happy and fit this farm perfectly.  Here's to you, Granny!


My husband and I started with our first 2 pigs in July 2013. We spent about 6 months researching breeds with a a focus on heritage breeds.  With both of us always being animal lovers, we felt it was important to do more than just raise animals for meat production.  If we can help preserve rare breeds while producing amazing meat, why not?  This decision made us very happy and we wouldn't have done it any other way.

As our research continued, we loved everything we read about the Gloucestershire Old Spots.  Their appearance was all the better!  How can you not fall for those big floppy ears?  So, our love affair for these incredible animals began.  We now have 5 productive sows, 4 breeding boars, US lines and UK lines on the farm and loving every minute!  Oh, and that little one on the left up there is Tulip.  She started this whole thing and is now retired.  She will live out the rest of her adorable life being spoiled, enjoying pasture and wallowing in her mud hole.