*Thanksgiving Turkey: 18-19.9lbs

*Thanksgiving Turkey: 18-19.9lbs

Turkey Deposit
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Weights are estimated to range between 12 to 20 lbs.
Your deposit will be applied to the final cost of the turkey.

Small: 12-14.9lbs ($90)
Medium: 15-17.9lbs ($115)
Large: 18-19.9lbs ($130)
Extra Large: 20+lbs ($140)

Please specify in comments what size range you are prefer.

Don't stress at the last minute looking for that delicious pasture raised turkey for Thanksgiving. Our turkeys are raised on pasture, antibiotic and hormone FREE! They are supplemented with NON-GMO feed.

We will begin processing the beginning of November.  Turkeys will be delivered frozen due to the number of turkeys we are offering this year.  We will give you the recommended time to thaw your turkey to be ready for your Thanksgiving dinner!

Harvested by hand and prepared for you by us!

Beaches Green Market:  Saturday, November 21st
Gainesville: Monday, November 23th
Vero Beach: TBD